Monday, July 8, 2013


my God is patient.

we are adopting.
from the congo.
i have been hesitant to share our story.
holding it close.
international adoption is complicated.
adoption is complicated when coupled with poverty.
questions i never dreamed of asking.
have been asked.

i ran across a blog the other day.
she had wrote a post about the 10 things to expect with international adoption.
number 10 stated >>spiritual warfare.

i laughed out loud and had to share with myLove.
she stated:
you can be sure of this--everything that can break, will break.
myLove has taken our dishwasher apart 15 times.
the day before he had to replace his rear brakes--they were just replaced last year.
so we laughed.
and began discussing what had been on our hearts.

i should probably share i never dreamed we would ever adopt.
it is clear this is what God is asking us to do.
we looked into foster care.
had some good discussions.
and both felt like God was moving us to adopt internationally.
so we moved forward.
and landed on the Congo.

my heart has been uneasy.
knowing God is stirring something deep.
myLove stated the obvious about our concerns.
it's fear.
i went to bed that night and prayed a very direct, specific prayer.
i asked God to give me confirmation.
i promised obedience.
my soul needed settled--
i needed a sign.

i serve a patient God.
a God that doesn't shake his head.
roll his eyes.
or groan in frustration.
there was no--
if i have to tell you one more time.
instead he answered with a contagious smile.

...and i can't wait to share it with you!

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