Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Folly's smile.

i am excited to share how God answered my prayer.
i left off with an uneasy heart.
and a direct prayer.

the next day was crazy for us.
the kids had VBS.
swim lessons.
audiologist appointment.

i had about 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout.
it was leg day.
it's almost impossible to get through leg day in 30 minutes.
so i was on a mission.

i should share that i have been intentional about being kind to people while working out.
i would prefer to wear my headphones and not make eye contact.
i don't want advice.
girls get a lot of advice if you work out with the "manly" weights.
so like i said, i prefer to hide under my headphones and ignore people.
however, i am aware that God has me here.
in this neighborhood.
at that specific gym.
surrounded by everyday people that might not know who He is.
and if He lives inside me---it's not an option to hide out.
i could stop here and tell you about a couple of great conversations.
but then i'll get tired of typing.
and i want you to know how God answered this specific prayer.

on my way inside the gym i made my mind up i was hiding under the headphones.
there was a time crunch.
i wanted that workout.
and i finished that workout.
i couldn't walk the next day, but that is beside the point.
i grabbed a drink of water and turned to head out the door.
that's when i saw him.

actually i couldn't miss him
he was walking straight towards me.
biggest smile you have ever seen.
skin black as coal.
his hand was extended.

i shook it.
and he started apologizing.
he was sorry he hadn't recognized me.
i told him that was just fine cause i don't think we had ever met.
so i introduced myself.
now i am smiling, because his smile is so big.
we had a conversation.
his name was Folly.
he is from africa.
he had a french accent.
we chit chatted and when our conversation came to an end.
i told him it was awesome to meet him.
that we were adopting from africa.
he said,
adopting? like children?
i said yes.
where in africa?
the congo.
his smile faded.
he became very serious.
he said,
the people of the congo need help,
the children need your help.
you are doing a good thing.
i froze.
because you remember the prayer i prayed just last night, right?
i simply said---
Folly, God just used you to answer my prayer.
his smile came back.

i will never forget Folly's smile.
and i'll never forget how that smile faded at the mention of the Congo.
and to think my plan was to hide under my headphones.

Many are the plans of a mans heart, but it is the Lords purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

...the CONGO it is!


  1. Thanks for sharing. My eyes are filled with tears. God is so good.

  2. What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing!