Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My favorite birthday.

My 28th by far.
I was given a gift.
She was 4 days old.

Her smile changed my world.
Continues to change my world.
Truth is...
I didn't have a whole lot to do with her.
She was created by a God that has perfection mastered.
That is what she is to me.
She won't be to the world.
But to me...and her daddy...and God who gave gave her to us...
she's perfect.

And she's beautiful.
And she's 6.
And a natural response would be for me to tell you that she is just as pretty
on the inside as she is on the outside...
but I'm not.
The truth is...
her heart is young.
I will tell you I see beautiful glimpses of a heart I am humbled by...

God created her for a purpose...
I want nothing more in my lifetime than to see her fulfill it.
I think by far, five has been my favorite year.
I can't get enough of her sweetness...
and I still see glimpses of the awnry.
We spend our days together...all alone.
I love teaching her.
I love the extra time it gives me with her.
I love how we get to talk about things that are important...
conversations are not lost in the hustle and bustle of what would be
homework...dinner...bath...bed routine.

Some people don't understand why I home school her.
The most simple answer I can give you is...
I want her heart to come first.
She is smart.
She excels in math.
She is reading.
She can point out more countries and states on a map than
the average adult.
I have days where I wonder if "educationally" we are doing enough.
But at the end of the day...
I want this smile to reflect her heart.
Not the circumstances of her days.
Or what the world will tell her is important.
I love her.
With every inch of my being.
God help me and her daddy to walk in His will...not our own.
She is worth it!


  1. She has grown since the last time I saw her! And is just as beautiful as her mommy! On another subject, I have lost my 2nd phone this year...yes in all the work at night, sleep during the day, spend time with the family, do school, and cook...another one bites the dust. Therefore, I am not ignoring you if you are trying to get ahold of me for any reason. Just shoot me an email! Matt and I have decided the way to explain Lily would be a Sour Patch Kid. Sometimes sour and then so sweet! Just enough sour to make the sweet soooo good! I think God makes them that way so we don't take the sweet for granted! Sending love your way! Miss our spontaneous lunches!

  2. OH, and anytime I need a giggle, I mean out loud giggle, I think of Kellan having a fine time with the random man @ Arby's...the look on his face! Haha