Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Only two.

Here are only two reasons I love my life.


And only two reasons why my heart giggles.

Only two.
That was the expectation from our littleLover on his very first Halloween.
Once we passed the house that asked us to "only take two" it was on.
If one piece of candy was dropped in his bag...he signed/said 2.
And stood there.
I tried explaining to him but he was persistent.
When the next house dropped 3 pieces into his bucket... he gave one back.
I went with it.

I also learned kids are so much cooler than parents.
It seems our littleLover had an interesting accessory.
Which of course had nothing to do with his costume.
But the kids spotted it and question after question.
One girl stood right in front of K and asked...
What's that?
He was clueless.
So  I responded...
"his ear."
In which she said...
"I know THAT is his ear, but what's that?"
So I gave my best explanation...
"well, these ears don't work, so this -pointing to his implant- helps him hear!"
And here is why kids are cooler...
"it looks weird..."
Yes, my sweet girl you are right everything about it is weird.
Parents on the other hand...
look...have their friends look...dare not ask...give you "that" smile...
Not cool.

So...there are really only two things of importance from this little post:
1.  My babies make my life awesome!
2.  Kids make honest curiosity way more comfortable!


  1. Made me laugh...precious! Oh yea...E wanted me to tell you to tell K he is bringing his Spiderman costume when we come visit. He wants to know if he can be Hulk and K can be Spiderman?

  2. I am so with you. Lilla will explain the implants to kids without missing a beat. And the parents just smile awkwardly. Almost like they are a little embarassed their kids mentioned it. Such a weird dynamic. Hope ya'll had a happy Halloween! And I heard you met Joseph's mother at the park!