Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 years.

Our littleLover is 3.
Yep...we celebrated another year with the most amazing little man.
I couldn't have dreamed him.
He was a gift straight from heaven.
A big package wrapped in a tiny being.

He continually amazes me with his strength and his spirit.
His personality is emerging...and there is evidence that he is human.
Meaning, he's starting to get a little attitude.
Ok it's BIG, but he is the product of me and Chris so what did we expect!

He has an endless capacity to eat.
I mean it is ridiculous.
Most of the problems we have with him is over food.

He is still the definition of a littleLover!
My favorite is laying down with him at night...
he drapes that arm around your neck and tucks the other under you.
Don't even try to move because he'll squeeze you.
I'm blaming my neck issues on him!
But they're worth it...TRUST ME!

He started school the day after his b-day!  He was supposed to start the day of but I rescued him.  You all know it was totally unfair to have to be in school on your, I was a cool mom for the day and let him skip!

We decided to just have a family party.  It consisted of just us four, since we have no family near. 

I will soon share what I feel is on my heart, but I will end with this for now...
God knows what you need.
He loved me enough to give me exactly what I needed...

I prayed this prayer over my sweet boy everyday since July 17:
Dear God,
I pray K will find his identity firmly rooted in you and in being your child.  I pray God that you will continue the work you have begun in him and that he lives a life that honors and pleases you in everyway.
Colossians 2:7, 1:10
Philippians 1:6

When your baby is different, you know that eventually he will come to realize it.  Truth be told I haven't thought much of this phase of his journey...God willing we will walk it together.  My greatest hope is that he realizes at a young age that it was God's design for him to be different.  That he embraces the truth that he has a God given purpose.  That everyday he loves and honors his heavenly father in a way that speaks of His good works!

Sweet are a unique package in that you have brought sweet surprises to our lives EVERYDAY!


  1. Wow, what a great post! You always have the right words to say! He gets cuter with every day...hope to meet him soon!

  2. Gorgeous girl! Happy birthday to Kellan! And I am so glad he started school! It is going to be a great year.