Thursday, September 13, 2012

I beg to differ.

Easy right?  I beg to differ.
The problem is that love really is not an emotion...
although we treat it as such.
Love is an action.

You can tell someone you love them.
For a minute they might believe you.
Take you for your word.
Until they get nothing.
After a while words mean nothing if there is no action involved.

I wish I could tell you I understand love.
I don't.
I've experienced it.
I've watched people give it.
I've watched people receive it.
I've watched people walk away from it.

For those who are curious...
I set a few goals late one evening on July 17.
Random date, YES!
But I have not forgotten it.
Some of the people I admire most can tell you the exact date they were saved.
I never could.
I grew up in church.
I have believed in and loved God since I was a kid.
Except it was finally revealed to me that maybe I didn't really love God.
I believed in him...but did I love him?
Because there had never really been any action to get to know him.
Church on Sundays.
A devotion empty prayer there.
In the eyes of the world...I should be good right?
But what about in the eyes of God?
Who knows my heart.

July 17, 2012.
The day I truly started LOVING God.
So where do I go from here?
I think I continue getting to know Him
Yes...that means my alarm clock will continue waking me up at 5 am.
It gives me a solid hour of reading His word.
Meaning, this is in no way a sacrifice.
What is God's definition of love?

I wish I could share with you that one day I woke up and it was like an epiphany...
Not hardly.
It was 3 years in the making...


  1. Love the pics...hope you all made it to your destination safely! You all were right by my house in these pics at Rope Mill right? We have scaled that hill numerous times! What a beautiful post!

  2. I love the pictures of your little ones on the log. The big sister comforting little brother. The sweetness kills me! I hope to hear more about the three years in the making.

  3. Hey girl, likewise on the finally getting together! We have been hunkered down this entire week with a bad fever/chest cold except me. So I've been off work but taking care of my sickies at home. I was amazed at little Miss's shyness...I'm sure that will change the more we get together. We met with a mortgage broker today! YAY! So I think I work FRI, Sat, and mon then off so maybe we can get together again soon! Take care and give me a call if u wanna chat. Jennifer