Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There's this girl...

...she calls me momma.
She says things like...
"I don't want any other momma"
and when I start giggling she says...
"I'm serious momma...because you are seriously the best."
And well for a stay-at-home mom,  that is equivalent to your boss telling you he's going to double your salary!

 (she was giving me the..."boo yah, I just scored look!)

She just finished up her first "official" soccer season.
Which if you can't tell she LOVED and gave 110% of everything she had.
We. Loved. Watching. Her.
And she rocked a sweet headband every game...which was way cooler than a hair bow.
Just sayin'!

...she finished up Pre-school this passed week and me and brother are stoked to have her at home with us everyday!
She is officially a kindergartner!
Which is so exciting around here since we have decided to homeschool her!
I am pretty sure I have decided on a curriculum and in the next month 
will nail down our schedule for the fall.  

So like I said...
there is this girl!


  1. oh! I am soooo jealous! What a great plan! Wish I had started homeschooling in kindergarten! But I do have to say that our school is A-mazing! I love what they are learning. . .but there is a huge part of me that would love to be a homeschooling mama! I am keeping it in my back pocket for the future. Ryan's acting career is picking up and lots of kids he is meeting are homeschooled! I am going to practice this summer! Get a head start on 5th Grade! And 2nd Grade! Crazy! It goes fast!

  2. She is soooo stinkin cute! It looks like you all did upward for FBCW...we did it last year and I have to say I really missed it this year. Looks like you have a really good player on your hands! What curriculum have you decided on? Did you happen to sign up for Timothy Ministry? My email is 4wvufanatics@live.com if you'd like to get together and chat! I LOVE homeschooling, not to say there isn't some sort of struggle frequently, but its no more difficult than the 3 hours of homework the public schools get a night! Hope your spring has gone well and your summer gets started off right. The offer still stands if you ever need help with either or both of the babes! I used to nanny for a little girl from the time she was dx'd deaf till she was about 6 years old and remember some signing if you need a sitter...free of charge course!
    There's a homeschool expo in July at Cobb Galleria that is fabulous! It will make you want to buy everything!