Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A "stupid" conversation!

Conversation with Ri:

In Target, we are walking by the toy section and she calls some toy "stupid".
I then give her a side glance, cause she is not allowed to say the word "stupid"...and she quickly tells me she is sorry.
We leave Target and while driving our conversation sounded like this:

Ri:  momma, I'm sorry I said the word "stupid" in Target.  It came out and was an accident.
Me:  Thank you for apologizing.
Ri:  It was a total accident I said "stupid"...because I know "stupid" is a bad word and I get in trouble for saying "stupid".
Me:  Yes you do.
Ri:  I'm not sure why "stupid" just came out because that toy was not "stupid" and I know better than to say "stupid".
Me:  Ok love, that is settled and I am proud of you for apologizing.
Ri:  momma, I promise I will never say "stupid" again because it is stupid to say "stupid" because I know I will get in trouble.

I say nothing...well because I decided to just chalk it up as a "stupid" conversation!

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