Sunday, January 8, 2012

A word.

Instead of resolutions I am resting on a word.
I love it.
Sometimes during the day I just say it out loud and it makes me smile.
Last year was anything but simple.
I am hoping this year will be easier.
In terms of life's obstacles.
That we will settle in to what is now just our life.

More time for my kids to just be kids.
Less time on the road.
Enjoying the little things that happen everyday.
Some of those things I missed in the chaos of last year.
But not this year.
I am going to document the everyday.
The simple things.

1.  K enjoying time outside with his buddy.
2.  The difference between the way me and myLove relax.  Spa day for her, bike trails for him!
3.  My babies experiencing snow for the first time this year.
4.  Randomly finding K in Ri's room while she was at school.
5.  My boys sneaking a quick nap.
6.  Ri in her playroom, standing on her horse...acting like a goof ball.
7.  Somebody is learning to ride her bike.

Yep...I am committing.
365 days of simplicity.
And I will be documenting it.
And sharing it with you!

So this is how we welcomed the new year.
Tucked away in the Blue Ridge mountains.



  1. Go for it girl! Simplicity all the way.

  2. I think we stayed in that same cabin once!