Monday, January 30, 2012

...high heels and lipstick or dirty rocks?

This scene keeps playing in my head...
I had driven home to be with mom.  This particular day she was feeling good and had come downstairs to sit with all of us.  We were all talking assuming she was asleep because her eyes were closed...and had been.  I'm not sure who I was talking to, but we were talking about make-up for some reason and I made a general comment that I just don't understand how people put make-up on everyday.  Who ever I was talking to made a kind comment that it was because I didn't need to.  In that moment...
mom opens ONE eye and says...
"sis, you need to start wearing a little make-up!"
She closes her eye again...
and well we all start cracking up!

My mom had a genuine honesty about her that is somewhat unexplainable.
Not everyone could handle it.
But it always cracked me up!
She hated that I had no desire to put myself together every morning.
If I am being honest...that is one of the last things she asked of me.
To put time and effort into myself.'s funny that I had a "girly girl."

She loves all things make-up.
That's how I managed to snap a few pics of her one day.
I bribed her with lipstick and high heels.

There is something so naturally beautiful about my sweet girl.  
She has the perfect complexion with almost black eye's like her daddy.
She needs no make-up.
Will probably be one of the lucky ones who never has to wear it.
But, I have a feeling she will be a little different than her mommy.

After our little photo op...she pranced around the house
 like she was something else with her sassy pink lips.

She jumped up in my lap and I told her how beautiful she was.
She said..."that's because I have make-up on mommy!"
I told her one day she will be allowed to wear it, but I hope she just wears a little...
in which she responds
"no momma, I'm gonna wear a lot and when I'm that old 
I will be my own boss so I can do what I want!"

But her heart is what makes her beautiful.
She came home from school the other day and after I laid brother down for his nap
I started cleaning up his mess...a few puzzles, blankets, etc.
She grabbed my hand and told me to sit down.
I'll never forget her sweet words...
"momma, I want you to sit down.  I am going to fold the blankets and pick up all the puzzles.  I need to help you more cause you always take care of us.  I'm gonna love on you and pick this mess up."
I sat on the couch and watched as she meticulously folded the blankets and put the puzzles away.
Of course then I grabbed her and squeezed the living day lights out of her!

My sweet girl...
she wears many faces and I love them all.
Even covered in make-up!

Now...this little booger!
we have a little more in common...
we are both perfectly content to tear up the town in our jammies!
Or I guess on this particular day...the neighborhood.
But we are totally not scared to run errands looking like a hot mess either!
Getting our hands dirty...
throwing rocks...
I mean who wouldn't enjoy a little down time in a construction zone...
on a bed of rocks?

Seriously, very few can pull off monkey's on skateboards...
am I right?

I am loving my job these days. 
 I've also been rocking some pretty sassy lips so maybe I will learn to enjoy all of it...
high heels, lipstick and dirty rocks!

...well, not the high heels that's getting a little too crazy!

Have a great week!


  1. I loved this! You are just so gorgeous that you can pull off jammies and no make-up but you have a great heart so we don't hate you for it. :-)

  2. So cute! I share your "pajamas on the town" attitude which makes us quite the rare find here in the south! haha! One of my co-workers once told me when I first moved here, "Women don't answer their door without their makeup on here in the south." Hey, we never said we were "GRITS - Girls Raised in the South." Take pride in the natural beauty God gave emminates from your heart! I can see it in your words even on this blog!

    Love Jennifer

  3. I was just catching up on your blog! I am sitting at the Speech School while Bette is in the new class, and I was so looking forward to meeting you! Hopefully our paths will cross one day soon! But are ya'll done forever with the speech school?