Friday, January 20, 2012

...breaking up is hard to do!

The simple life can be complicated.
Kind of weird I know.
None the less...
life feels more simple.

Except for one thing.
K's therapy.
We made what to us was a hard decision during Christmas.
Me and myLove felt it was the right thing not only for our littleLover...
but for our family too.

We decided we were going to take him out of the Atlanta Speech School.
For several reasons really.
We were told we had to leave our current therapist.
She is a parent-infant therapist...
and well our boy is growing.
We had two options...
one-on-one with a new therapist once a week
or the preschool program.

Regardless of the decision...
the cost of the program is insane.
They do not file with insurance.
Up until this point it didn't matter because they do co-ordinate with the Babies Can't Wait program,
which significantly reduces the cost.
We filed for financial aid and they did help a TEENY TINY bit...
but lets just say it would still be like sending my child to one of the top private schools in Atlanta
the only difference is...this program is only a 2 hour a day program.
Not the "we will better prepare your kid for college" type of program...
but maybe more important "we're going to teach your kid to talk" kind of program.
Regardless...we decided we would do what needed to be done.

I interrupt this program to give you a funny by sweetLove.  
While going through the obstacle course she has designed through the house 
she slipped on a book.  She grabs her ankle and says...
"oh, oh, sometimes I like when it hurts.  It makes me stronger!"
Who is this kid??

Anyway...back on topic.
We informed the school and our current therapist.
They were excited.
A week later our therapist had to move our appointment to 9am.
This will be the time his school starts in the mornings.
We sat in traffic for 2 hours.
We were still 10 minutes late.
I decided I would try again because maybe it was a bad day.
And wasn't any better the second time around.
Do we sacrifice our time?

Over Christmas me and Chris discussed.
I contacted another AV therapist and we met with her a few times while
the Speech School was out on break.
During this time, I also decided I would keep track of how much language I
introduced daily.
In the course of the three weeks we decided he was getting what he needed.
And in the way we wanted him to get it.

I informed our therapist and the School and you could tell they were disappointed.
I understood.
I had many clients during my working days.
I remember the feeling of clients telling me they were going to move on...
or they could do it by themselves.
There were some that I knew would struggle.
I didn't want them to leave because I knew they weren't ready.
There were others who were ready...
but I was sad to lose them.
You grow to love those you work with and you become invested in many areas of their life.
To make a long story short, I have been contacted by them a couple times.
I have told them..."it's still not going to work for us."
Until the other day.
At our normal appointment with our...AMAZING...could not have done it without her therapist.
She informs me she is starting a new class.
From 12:15-2:15 pm.
I get excited.
No traffic.  Only 2 days a week.
Until I realized.
I have another baby.
A little girl that I have to pick up from school at 2:15.
So here I am again.
What should I do.
Or better yet, what can I do?

So I revisited my word.
And well there is not a simple answer.
So we decided it was a no go.
I was supposed to tell our therapist on Tuesday.
But I totally chickened out.
It's like a break-up and well I don't really want to break-up because she is awesome.
But it's just really not working out.
The classic..."it's not you, it's me!"
So, all this talk for me to tell you that I have totally forgotten that...
breaking up is hard to do!

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