Friday, June 3, 2011

Staying busy...

This hasn't been the best week...
so, I've been staying busy.

love em!

Now this is how I roll...
I never complete a project before starting another!
I like the term "work in progress."

Kuddo's to peeps that know exactly what they want on the spot.
My world doesn't work that way.
PLUS...I hate to waste $$$.
So, buying things to fill space doesn't seem logical to me.
Plus...if it doesn't have a purpose or meaning behind it I'm not interested.

That being said...
The master bedroom is still a work in progress.
All the big stuff has been completed ...
(except for painting the ceiling...but the hubs has been busy with the patio 
and there is a lot of trim work around all the moldings, so I need his help!)

I know I had before shots somewhere, but not in the mood to look for them.
Just picture a builder white master bedroom with the bed and two dressers!

(Can you tell my two littleLoves like to play behind my curtains...all the curtains in my house are always pulled back, turned inside out...why does it drive me so crazy?!?!?!)

So far, I have come in WAY under budget.
Everything was on sale and then purchased with addition coupons.
Will I get around to the rest...eventually.
These pics were taken a few months ago and we've only added a few things.
Once it is complete and the two other rooms I am working on are semi-finished maybe a home tour...

until then, maybe a peek at what is to come?

Can you spy what is similar in these two pics?


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