Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Patio patience...

I realized that I haven't updated you all on our patio progress!

We left off on roundTwo, dayOne...
and are picking up on dayTwo!

I am going to speed this show-n-tell up a little:)
Day 2 consisted of grouting...
and again, we put the little ones to work.
Uncle Stinky Face and daddy filled the cracks...
me and my littleLover smoothed it all in!
 Here is a little peek all done! (minus a little scrubbing to remove some left over grout)
Now...if you caught on above I said we put the little ones to work.
Well, one got away!

That smile seems to get her out of a lot!
Next, came the firepit!

It took a little of this...
and a lot of this!
 But, a little direction from this guy made the job easier!
With the stone work done...
it was time to add this!
Fire brick...we have heard two arguments concerning this investment.
Some say...it's not needed, other say it is.
We chose to use it.
Finally, it was time to top it off!
Here is just a sneak peak at what we have now.

So, what's left?
Lay stone on existing patio (roughly 200 sq. ft) and grout.
If you look closely, the top of the fire pit and where it meets with the patio still needs to be grouted.
We will grout it all at the same time!
Stay tuned...
we have plans for this weekend, but will be back at it the following.
Some have asked how many days we have put into it.
Total so far: 5

I would say we have 2 left...not counting what I like to call..."making it pretty" which includes some more digging, planting and a lot of these!
I'm telling ya peeps...he's a work horse!
Love HIM!


  1. I LOVE it! Can't wait to come over and use it!

  2. Your babies do both have great smiles.