Sunday, May 1, 2011


...this is where we left off after two days of digging and grading.
So far, the only thing we would have done different is to have rented a mini excavator from a home improvement store to have completed this job.  It took a total of 11 hours with both of us digging to get to this point...with the machinery, probably a couple hours and way, way more fun!

...our littleLover thought this was by far the most exciting delivery ever!
This would be the crushed granite for our base and M10 sand that we used used to level the stone.
The day of the delivery was crucial.  We needed it to be somewhat dry so the fork truck could get down the hill to our back yard.  Otherwise, we would have had 10 1/2 tons of material to move from our front drive to our back yard...BRUTAL!  Thank you Jesus for a break in the rain!

...myLove went to work spreading the granite 
and we rented a plate compactor to compact the granite to make the base solid to start laying stone.
He loves him some equipment !

You know when you start a project and you get smarter in the process...
this is our getting smarter...
...we called in reinforcement!
This is my brother Josh...we refer to him as Uncle Stinky Face in these parts.
Oh...and don't feel sorry for him because he refers to those two precious, angel children of mine as "the little rats!"
Now you might be asking yourself, since I am in no pictures, 
what my role was other than picture taker?:)
I put the puzzle together and tried to stay a few steps ahead of the boys as they worked at leveling stone.  I'm not sure if some of you have actually picked up flagstone somewhere along the line...
but this stuff is H-E-A-V-Y! 
So there were a few times...
ok, many times...
I would have them moving a piece of stone into it's rightful location!
The boys did not like putting the puzzle together and I found the task to be challenging but exciting, so it worked out that everyone was happy!
On to my second job...
when I would see a face like this...
you know, the one that is saying...
"What the H-E double hockey sticks did you get me into" kind of look

...I would simply remind him that we were paying VERY WELL!
On to job number 3...keeping up with my two littleLoves!
Obviously, he is still very new around here...
...and hasn't caught on to our family policy of all work and no play!:)
So, after a full days work...
this would be the end of roundTwo, dayOne!
To say the least, we were
Stay tuned for...roundTwo dayTwo!

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