Friday, April 20, 2012

sassy sissy!

It's really the perfect adjective for our girl!
She is growing up.
Her personality is changing.
But she is definitely not leaving the sass behind!

I love her personality.
Who she is and how she ticks.
But it is also a lot of work.
We have to stay on top of her.
Consistently renegotiate boundaries.

I read a devotion the other day.  It was written by a mother who had a strong willed daughter.  I laughed as she retold stories of her strong willed child that never seemed to "act" like all the other kids in her circle.  She would take off, only do things her way, "sass" her mom in front of whoever.
She was a little girl that turned into a self sufficient teenager.  On her own, requested the paperwork to graduate high school early and then spent her senior year abroad with missions.  She is now in college and wanting to go back on the mission field to open her own orphanage, and in the words of her mother "if she wants to do it...she will!"

And it's funny...because I was describing my sweet girl to someone the other day and said the very same thing.  "If she wants to do it...she will."  
So, I was encouraged.
Sometimes you feel as if you are failing.
Trying to figure out why this little being will just not mind.  
Forgetting that God made her with a little sass for a reason.
It will one day serve a purpose. the meantime we will be enjoying the ride of our little 

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