Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"oops...starting a little early!"

That was my response to a sweet lady after my littleLover so politely grabbed her toosh.
He at least respected her enough to hug her leg like it was his momma's...
which had her hoping he would grope her again :)
We were shopping.

Then it started.
He was swarmed.
Every lady/girl in that store gathered around him.
I am not really sure how this happens EVERYWHERE we go...
but homeboy can grab a room.
And he knows it!
Even I was cracking up and I witness his shenanigans every day.
Of course we leave and he makes sure to tell them all "bye-bye" and sign/say "thank you"
to EVERY last one of them...
boy is not selfish with his attention.

Did you catch that last sentence?
He signs and says real words...
and they say it couldn't be done.
Signing and speaking...

He is doing AMAZING and we could not be happier with his progress.
His hearing age is only 4 months.
So to be fair to him...
he is advanced y'all!  :)
I don't know what other mommy of a 4 month old can say their kid repeats and randomly speaks new words everyday...so yes, we are excited!

It's been A LOT of work.
EVERYDAY there is something.
And obviously he is not advanced...we have a lot of catching up to do.
But, if I am honest, I am enjoying every minute of it.
except finding that stinkin' implant when he decides he's had enough.
I would venture to say that EVERY week I spend at least 4 hours searching for it.
We have a love hate relationship.
I call it all kinds of bad names when it turns up missing...and then thank God for it within minutes of its return.
The worst is in the car and when he and sissy play in the playroom.
Do you guys know how many magnetic materials are in your car?
Check under the seats...between the consoles...
so glad we chose gray that blends with EVERYTHING we own.

Funny story...
me and Ri were going through the playroom the other night looking for his implant after he came down the stairs without it.
After about 30 minutes he walks in, so I signed to him...
"where's your ear?"
He points out the door, takes me to MY closet, moves some bags I have on the floor...
and I'll be dog-on if it wasn't laying right there.
I thought I was going to kill him!!
But he smiles that perfect smile and all is well with the world.

Ri is an angel with him.
We wait for her to do a lot of our home therapy.
If she says something...he says it.
Makes my job a lot easier!

So if you can't tell...
we are very happy with how things are going.
Will he ever have perfect speech and hear everything going on around him...
who knows.
To be honest...I don't even care.
I would rather his life be balanced.
One that includes therapy...but not trapped in therapy.
That is my job.
To make sure the work gets done...
but at the end of the day he is happy and having a little fun!

And he seems to find it...
fun in the most unusual places!


  1. love this post! and your babies! and you:)

  2. Sounds like ya'll are doing so well! I am so happy for you! And Bette is totally like that. Eats up the attention and is such a flirt too.