Monday, December 5, 2011

...our very best girl ever!

She turned 5 on Thanksgiving Day!
I cuddled her that night and when the sun came up and I had the urge to head downstairs to start dinner with my sis...I rolled over, wrapped my arms around her and fell right back to sleep.

She was my happiness that day.

We celebrated her birthday at home the Sunday before.
We invited those she loves most for a night of fun!

She had fun! did he!

Yep, there are...
 candles on that cupcake!

Since we knew all her friends would be leaving a little stinky...
we sent them home with a little gift:)

She told us it was "my very best night ever!"

To us...
she is our very best girl ever!

And a beautiful girl if I do say so myself!

You are my sunshine sweetLove!

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