Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's beginning to look like Christmas...

Our decorations this year are very natural.
It is laid back and not overdone.
And we are loving it...
especially Ri who got to go for an extra walk in the woods to find sticks for our tree.

 I made the kids Santa sacks this year.
Ri helped me cut and I even let her drive the foot of the sewing machine.
But I was most surprised when Chris came home and was like...
"hun, those are awesome!"
I am hoping Santa has the same reaction! ;)
 Speaking of Santa...
 K's face cracks me up here...
this is seriously how he was the entire time.
I imagine him thinking something like this...
Seriously sis, you pick now to get all shy and stuff.  Just tell the big guy what you want so we can get out of here.  The playground outside is totally calling my name!
 He really was a great Santa...very jolly fella!
Speaking of Santa,  I feel like this year there is all this talk about whether you should include Santa in your Christmas tradition.  I pondered this for a few days after talking it over with a girlfriend who was struggling with the topic and here is my take.
Santa stays.  
No, it is not what Christmas is about by any means.  
But in our house, Santa is incorporated into the real Christmas story. 
I have found there are a hundred ways to do this and it works for us.
I remember Christmas' growing up...
I remember Santa Claus...
I remember learning about Jesus.
As an adult...I in no way feel deceived by my parents for "lying" to me.
I don't feel like my faith was challenged.
I feel like they allowed me to be a kid.
To experience all that has come to be Christmas.
If you ask me what I remember about Christmas from my childhood...
it would be the obsession my mom had with our "matching" outfits for church and the infamous picture coming down the stairs in our "matching" pajamas.

 To be honest, my kids don't really talk that much about Santa.
Maybe that is why it is an easier decision in our home.
Here is proof...the horses were on break during our visit and Ri totally did not care about the 
"you better not pout" talk from Santa.
She was ticked and didn't care who was watching!
we recovered and later that evening decorated the kids' tree in the playroom.
 Ri decorated 95% of this tree herself.
 So, from our house to yours...
Merry Christmas!
The Price's

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