Thursday, September 8, 2011 is gonna be a good day for you!

Conversation with sweetLove this morning...

I was laying in bed (after hitting the snooze a couple times, oops!) and she wonders to my door...

Me:  momma's awake baby doll you can come in

Ri:  momma, today is going to be a good day for you do you want to know why

Me:  why yes

Ri:  (her eye brows are lifted and she's giving me that look that this could be a long process)  it's going to be a really good day for you today

Me:  well...tell me why

Ri:  are you ready for me to tell you

Me:  yes love, tell me why

Ri:  I had a dream last night that is going to make this a really good day

Me:  lay it on me

Ri:  I saw mamaw Debbie in my dream

Me:  you did

Ri:  yes and momma,  mamaw Debbie is not in heaven anymore

Me:  she's not, where is she

Ri:  she is in a car and this is really going to be a good day for you because she is coming to see us

Me:  she is,  well I thought she was in heaven and once we get to heaven Jesus keeps us for ever

Ri:  well...she is in a car and she is coming to see us.  yep she is momma, maybe Jesus let her go for a day because he loves us

Me:  you're right sweetie...He does love us and this is a good day!

I hope I tell her enough that SHE makes everyday a good day!

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  1. Even if you're not dreaming about her your sweet love is, and that must make your heart happy!