Monday, August 22, 2011


Here's a few pics from sweetLove's Preschool debut...

it was not the morning I had hoped for and these pictures are not actually "the day of"....
rather the night before!

I had to have our littleLover to the hospital early that morning, so daddy had the pleasure of taking his sweet girl into her classroom!

Instead...we picked out her clothes, hair things and jewelry the night before and opted for a quick fashion show...turned photo shoot so momma could still have the inevitable,
couldn't live without...
preschool photo!

So...we "pretended" and she loved it!
I also conducted a quick interview...

and here is a sneak peak into her little head!

What is...?

your favorite color?  Purple...but sometimes I  like pink too momma!
your favorite toy?  My stuffed lion.
your favorite food?  burritos
your favorite thing to do with daddy?  go to the pool and walks in the woods
your favorite thing to do with momma?  pool and love on you!
your favorite thing to do with K?  play toys.

What makes you smile?  When K smiles I smile!
What makes your heart happy?  K is always happy and that makes me happy momma cause I love him! (this was by far my favorite answer!)

Where is your favorite place to go?  eat burritos
Who's your hero?  K
What scares you?  the dark

Where is your favorite place to vacation?  Livi's
Who is your best friend?  Maddie
What do you want to be when you grow up?  a Princess Hero!

so a momma's description of her little big girl...

she can be challenging.  weeks and weeks of sweetness and then--------BAM--------out of no where she hits us with a left...then a right... and I pinkie promise you all we didn't even see it coming!
her aunt Missy nicknamed her SWEET TART and it fits her to perfection.  Sometimes so sweet you are sure you have at least a few cavities and then all the sudden you just want to spit her out because you are sure you are making a crazy face and in these days...who knows who will catch you on camera!

she's strong as an ox and feels relatively little physical pain when it really counts.  oh...we get the occasional dramatic cry over an everyday trip or a smashed finger...but punish her with a spankin' and she'll look you square in the eye and say "that didn't hurt me"  or my favorite yet "you CAN'T hurt me".   at that I envisioned the picture of the little kid duct taped to the wall and seriously considered.  instead after a quick call to my sister...i walked right back into her room and grabbed every, single dress out of her closet.  who would have thought to her this resembled Def Com 5...but it did, score one for momma...and in the words of my little girl  BOOO---YAH!! 

she's pulled her own hair out, scratched skin off her face...

i read Dobson's book...a strong willed child.  yep, she fits his description of a child with a "will of steel".   

there is a gentleness about her.  she is empathetic by nature.  she loves to wrestle but she loves to love and be loved on more.  she doesn't repeat her alphabet on command but she has 5 bible verses committed to heart.  if you ask her what Jesus wants the most, she will tell you "to love".  she uses her manners when I am not around and I know this because I have yet to leave her in a classroom or gym where her instructors don't affirm this.  most parents would have protected her from experiencing sadness accompanied with death...we chose not to and now have a little girl that understands that heaven is real and shares it with her friends.  she is funny.  energetic.  an absolute AMAZING sister.  she is not jealous of the time and attention her brother requires.  instead if you refer back to her interview he is her HERO...and that should pretty much sum up the heart of one of my greatest pleasures!

God gave me and her daddy a perfectly imperfect little girl.  I am prayerful that we will nurture everything that is good and challenging about her and she will exude HIS LOVE!  I'm thinking He will use her smile some could He not?  When she smiles...everyone in the room smiles!  

It's kind of funny...cause that 's what she said about her brother!
What a lucky momma I am...


  1. A heart of pure gold! You are a lucky momma!

  2. Very sweet post. And the idea about the dresses is genius.