Friday, October 21, 2011

She's all mine!

I do share her.
Just not today!
I decided I was keeping her home from school today.
I wanted a normal day.
Just me and my babies.

We all hopped in the shower after our naps.
Yes, I take showers with my kids.
She was rinsing the soap out of her hair.
Water was running down her face and I said...

Ri, momma got in trouble by daddy for letting you skip school today.

"But that's ok momma, everybody gets in trouble...
you just have to make sure he doesn't catch us next time!"

She gives me the giggles!

She had pictures done at gymnastics this week, so they were allowed to wear their competition leotard.  She is so darn cute in a leotard.

We finally made it to the gym.
Check out her stance.


Love em...Love em...Love em!


  1. She's got "gold metalist" written all over her! Glad yall had a fun day!

  2. Terribly terribly cute! Those gymnastics poses are impressive too!