Sunday, August 7, 2011

A quickie...

We were blessed with sweet neighbors and great friends who live next door.
They have two little ones who's names have ventured into a post here and there.

Last week, Maddie and Micah came over to play and they decided they all wanted a snack.
The boys sat at the table, the girls at the bar.

After they all got their food...we said a quick blessing and I asked them a simple question...

Girls, do you know where Jesus lives?

 and the conversation between two little girls...
went like this.

M:  Heaven.
R: In our hearts.

I chimed in for a minute...You know what girls?  I was reading in my Bible last night about heaven.
Do you know there are street of gold in heaven...and a beautiful castle.
I like to think it sort of looks like Cinderella's castle.

their little eyes get so big 
I decided to ask them another question but Ri tells me to wait a minute and she chimes in...

R:  Maddie you know what?  My Mamaw Debbie lives in heaven with Jesus in that big castle.
M:  REALLY [eyes get bigger]
R:  uh, huh [smile so big I think her face is going to explode]
R:  momma, do you think me and Maddie can go to heaven to see Jesus and mamaw Debbie?

I simply respond...
One day...if Jesus lives in our hearts we will all go see Jesus and mamaw.

They both flash me smiles that I am sure Cinderella herself would be jealous of and the conversation proceeds to more cheese and strawberries!

I am learning it just takes a second.
Or a simple question...

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