Monday, August 1, 2011

A month off...

...from everything!

It was needed and if I were to be very honest, we all could use a little longer break!
But, I am sure many are thinking and wishing for the same :)

I was hoping that we would ease back into things, but that concept is lost on the Price family!
Our sweet boy surprised us again last week!
For the sake of keeping this a light -hearted post and promising to update you soon on everything new...
lets just say starting next week we --being my super hero and I---have at least
FIVE medically related appointments a week for the next 4 weeks.

I am very thankful that sweetLove starts school next week and will not be subjected to the madness!
Many have asked if I am sad about her starting school...
not at all, but ask me this time next year and I might answer differently!

She is just starting pre-school and yes, she went last year...but this year is just a little different!

She goes 5 days a week---6 hours a she is now a TWINKLER
 Have I told you about her becoming a Twinkler?

She is officially part of the "competitive" gymnastics team (for FIVE year olds)!
You might be asking what exactly this means...and since I am always 100% honest with you all
I am convinced--- since she has been participating through the summer---it means nothing for the little ones but a lot for the parents.
Considerably more time in the gym and more moo---lah!

She will also start soccer, so for such a small being...she too is busy!
Thank you Jesus, the soccer program she is starting is in our neighborhood
...have I told you guys how much I love where we live??

So, what did we do with our time off...

My littleLover developed a slight addiction...
...and it's pretty bad!

Of course we took a trip to the beach...and our friends joined us for a couple days!

(I love this pic!)

When they left we felt like this...

But still managed to have us lots of fun...

This would be our new favorite game!

Monkey see...

...Monkey do!

We also managed to sneak in a wedding during this trip...

I'll be back with pics of that soon!

Until then...we celebrate our own little Super Hero this weekend!


  1. I am glad you are back. I have missed reading your posts and seeing how things are going.

  2. Are you going to turn into a "dance mom?" New fav show on Lifetime...check it out!